The Photoshoot

Nobody knows your dog better than you!

That's why the animate photoshoot is uniquely tailored to suit you and your dog.

Prior to the photoshoot, we will chat not only about the style and type of photographs that you would like, but also about your dog's personality - his/her likes, dislikes, favourite activities, etc... Taking all of these things into account, we will then tailor a photoshoot designed to capture your dog's individual character.

The Great Outoors

Animate photoshoots are designed for the great outdoors - where dogs are active and at their happiest. 

We hunt out amazing locations that provide a safe environment with knockout scenery for interesting and creative backdrops. 

However, if your dog is old, unwell or simply nervous, we can shoot where you feel your dog would be most comfortable and at ease.

Inclement weather

Of course, shooting outdoors means that we are always reliant on suitable weather conditions.

Should the forecast predict rain/unfavourable conditions for the organised shoot, or take a turn for the worst on the day, then we will simply re-schedule for another day at no additional cost.


We are based in Bath, but are happy to travel nationwide. If you are not in the Bath area, please email Nicky to discuss suitable shoot locations and potential travel expenses.